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new- 4 Days Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Course  

Accredited, insurable and certified
Accreditation  guild
wedding makeup

Bridal Hair & Makeup Course

25th June, 26th June, 27th June &

2nd July 2024

Timings are 10 am - 4.30pm 

Location- Unit H, 2- 6 Fowler Road, Hainault Business Park, Ilford, London,


£2,000 Accredited Guilds of Beauty Therapist Certificate x  3- Professional Standards, Asian Bridal Makeup and Hairstyling. 

Free 29pc Brush kit and Free Hair kit (Worth £250)

Learn the art of bridal makeup and how to apply it skillfully to a bride to be at the Farah Syed Makeup Training Academy. Farah Syed is a well known recognised makeup artist with extensive experience and is renowned for her creativity in Bridal Hair, Make-up and Photography. Train only from the best. 


Learn step by step how to create up do bridal hairstyles and makeup to suit a range of bridal functions from Mendhi/Civil/ Indian Contemporary/ Pakistani / Bengali bridal looks. 

indian wedding make up

entry requirements


No previous experience, however should come with commitment, passion,

dedication and eager to learn!


Behind the scenes

Some clips to see behind the scenes on what our students produced during the full Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup Course.

Check out what our student's produced in their portfolio days

Check out what our student's produced on final day

Check out what our student's produced so effortlessly

on Day 4 of the course. 

More about the course

Guild accredited courses are trusted and accepted throughout the industry and recognised for their content and delivery. The Guild are the biggest professional beauty trade body in the UK and the largest insurance provider.

Day 1:  We will go through product information and brushes.

We kick off Day 1 with a dynamic start! Our agenda includes comprehensive tutorials on Civil, and Mehndi makeup looks—all skillfully demonstrated by Farah. Throughout these sessions, Farah will walk you through the essential product knowledge and application techniques needed to craft each look, providing step-by-step guidance. (Learn how to do a consultation, skin analysis, skin prep, foundation application to suit each skin type, eye shadow application, master how to blend eye shadow, line the eyes perfectly, contouring the face to create definition, highlighting, eyelash application, how to shape the lips and fill eyebrows).

As part of your enrollment, a complete set of makeup brushes awaits you. Consider this set both a practical tool for the course and a welcoming gift to the Academy. These brushes are intended for your professional kit and will be in use throughout the program. It's your responsibility to ensure their cleanliness at the end of each day and to bring them along for each session. A training manual will be supplied, offering detailed step by step instructions and it has treasures of tips and tricks. (beginner level)

Upon mastering each look through the guidance of the demonstrations, you'll actively recreate them using the provided products and tools. Our focus is on assessing and refining your skills and techniques, ensuring you achieve a top-tier standard in both application and finish before progressing. For optimal learning time, you have the flexibility to bring your own model for the day, or we can arrange a model for you at an additional cost of £50 per day.

Day 2: Learn how to create a Traditional Indian wedding day look followed by a Pakistani Wedding Look to include smokey eyes and glitter application. (medium level)

Master the art of crafting a contemporary Indian wedding day look, progressing seamlessly to a traditional Pakistani wedding look with an emphasis on medium-level skills. Here's a glimpse into what you'll learn:

  1. Contemporary Indian Wedding Day Look:

    • Foundation and Base: Achieve a flawless base tailored to Indian wedding aesthetics, considering longevity and photography.

    • Eye Makeup: Explore intricate eye makeup techniques, emphasizing traditional colors and designs.

    • Lip Artistry: Learn to balance and complement the overall look with a focus on lip color and contouring.

    • Blending Techniques: Hone your blending skills to seamlessly merge colors and textures, creating a harmonious finish.

  2. Pakistani Wedding Look with Smokey Eyes and Glitter Application:

    • Smokey Eyes Mastery: Dive into the world of smokey eyes, understanding various techniques to adapt to Pakistani wedding styles.

    • Glitter Application: Explore the art of incorporating glitter for a touch of glamour, understanding placement and intensity.

    • Color Coordination: Learn to harmonize colors for both traditional and contemporary Pakistani wedding aesthetics.

    • Detailing and Precision: Focus on intricate detailing, ensuring precision in application for a polished and professional outcome.

Throughout the training, you'll be guided step by step, building on your existing skills to achieve a medium-level proficiency. Emphasis will be placed on cultural nuances, ensuring your ability to cater to diverse wedding makeup requests. Practical sessions will provide hands-on experience, allowing you to grasp the techniques effectively. By the end, you'll have the confidence and expertise to create stunning contemporary Indian and traditional Pakistani wedding looks, complete with smokey eyes and glitter application.

Day 3: Embark on an advanced journey to master a high-level makeup look suitable for party clients, Arabic-themed events, or receptions. This comprehensive training will cover the intricacies of smokey eyes, diverse glitter application, cut crease eye makeup, and the art of a double-winged liner. Here's an overview of what you'll learn:

  1. Smokey Eyes Mastery:

    • Color Selection and Blending: Explore a wide range of colors and learn advanced blending techniques to achieve a seamless and gradient smokey eye effect.

    • Intensifying Depth: Understand how to intensify the depth of the smokey eye, tailoring it to different eye shapes for a dramatic impact.

    • Transition Shades: Master the use of transition shades to ensure a smooth transition between colors and a polished finish.

  2. Diverse Glitter Application: Learn a different glitter application technique.​

  3. Cut Crease Eye Makeup:

    • Precision Cut Crease: Develop advanced skills in creating a sharp and precise cut crease, emphasizing eye definition and enhancing lid space.

    • Blending with Cut Crease: Learn to seamlessly blend eyeshadow with a cut crease, achieving a seamless transition between colors.

  4. Double-Winged Liner Artistry:

    • Symmetry and Precision: Master the art of creating symmetrical double-winged liners with precision, enhancing the eyes for a bold and glamorous look.

    • Customization for Eye Shape: Adapt the double-winged liner technique to different eye shapes for a tailored and flattering outcome.

Throughout the training, practical sessions will allow you to refine these advanced techniques under expert guidance. The goal is to empower you with the skills needed to create a sophisticated and high-impact makeup look, ideal for parties, Arabic-themed events, or reception celebrations. By the end of the program, you'll be equipped to deliver intricate and glamorous makeup that captivates and impresses.


Day 4: Delve into the world of intricate hairstyling with a focus on Bridal Hair Updos and Party Hair Updos. This comprehensive training covers traditional and modern styles, including the Hair Bun, Reception/civil ceremony hair, using hair pieces, the Modern Mehndi Braid, and if time permits a Side Bun. We will look at how to pin one style of dupatta setting. Additionally, gain valuable insights into setting up your own business as a makeup artist. Here's an overview of what you'll learn:

  1. Bridal / Party Hair Styles:

    • Traditional Hair Bun: Master the classic bridal hair bun, focusing on elegance, symmetry, and secure styling.

    • Maximum volumised hair down do: Learn to create a timeless hairstyle, combining sophistication with a touch of modern flair.

    • Hair Pieces Integration: Understand the art of incorporating hair pieces for added volume, length, or embellishment, ensuring a seamless and natural look.

    • Modern Mehndi Braid: Explore contemporary bridal styles with the Modern Mehndi Braid, incorporating intricate braiding techniques.​


      ​Time permitting we will do a side bun, or perhaps Farah will do the demo for a side bun.

      Dupatta Pinning: Master the skill of securing and styling dupattas, ensuring they complement the overall hairstyle and bridal attire.​
  2. Business Discussion:

    • Setting Up Your Business: Receive practical advice on what Farah did over the years to advertise herself so clients would book her. 

    • Success Tips: Benefit from hints and tips shared by the instructor on how to navigate the competitive field and achieve success as a makeup artist.

    • Client Interaction: Learn effective communication techniques for client consultations, understanding their needs, and building lasting relationships.

Through hands-on practical sessions and insightful discussions, you'll develop the skills needed to create exquisite bridal and party hair updos. Simultaneously, the business discussion will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to establish and grow your makeup artistry business successfully. By the end of the program, you'll be well-prepared to offer a comprehensive range of hairstyling services and manage the business aspects of your makeup artistry career.


You will receive 3  certificate with accreditation from Farah Syed Beauty Training Academy for Asian Bridal Makeup, Hairstyling and Professional Standards with Guilds of Beauty Therapist.


Our exclusive 4 Days Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup . 


  1. Full Accreditation: Receive a certificate from The Guild of Beauty Therapists, ensuring your training is recognised and endorsed by beauty industry professionals. 

  2. 134 page manual created by Farah Syed Makeup Artist herself- with all the tips and tricks included. Plus a 200+ page manual from Guilds of Beauty Therapists

  3. CPD Points: Beauty therapists can earn 26 CPD points, enhancing professional development and recognition in the field.

  4. Comprehensive Training: Our program combines theoretical knowledge with hands-on practical training, ensuring a well-rounded learning experience.

  5. Teaching you step by step makeup application.

  6. Fantastic after care work experience.

  7. All industry products will be provided throughout the duration of your course.

  8. Tailored Makeup Techniques: Learn detailed makeup techniques for the most sought-after looks, meeting the preferences of our diverse clientele.

  9. Small group for maximum learning.

  10. Online Theory Work- Access to your Guilds of Beauty Therapist account to complete your theory work.

  11. Full Practical Experience -Hands on course

  12. Hair Training: Delve into in-depth hair training, including application techniques with hair extensions, expanding your skill set and service offerings.

  13. Industry leader in Asian Bridal Hair and Makeup with over 19 years of experience

  14. Product Expertise: Gain extensive product knowledge, empowering you to make informed choices and recommendations.

  15. Business and Marketing Support: Receive training and advice on the business and marketing aspects of the beauty industry, setting you up for success in your career.

  16. Makeup Kit List: Benefit from a provided makeup kit list, ensuring you have the essential tools and products to kickstart your professional journey.

  17. Discount on Makeup Brands.

  18. Free 25pc Brush kit (worth £100)

  19. Free Hair kit (worth £100).

  20. Flexible Payment Plans: We understand your budget constraints; hence, we offer flexible payment plans to accommodate a variety of financial situations. Choose a plan that suits you and invest in your future with confidence.

The payment option for Paypal payment includes at £60 admin fee, therefore choose

the debit card option to avoid the fees.

asian bridal makeup course london


Paypal makeup course

If interested in the BUY NOW PAY IN 3 MONTHS INTEREST FREE option please follow the link below as you'll need to complete two separate transactions.


This is subject to credit check and status. You must be over 18 years old, resident of UK. All credit is subject to status and credit checks and only will be eligible to some.

**This option for pay later involves a £60 admin charge.

One proof of ID such as Passport or Driving license and one proof of address such as Bank statement/ Utility Bill/ Phone Bill required for registration. To secure your place the deposit will need to be paid prior to ensure there is availability as spaces for the course are very limited and will be full by this date. 

What courses can I do after this course?

General Data Protection Regulation

Health & Safety

Marketing Your Business

Social Media for Salon Businesses

Starting and Marketing Your Business

Successful Retailing 

Guilds accredited training
photography make up

Where We Are

The sat nav takes you to the middle of the road, please follow the road till you reach the corner of Fowler Road and Roebuck road. We are conveniently located on the corner building with ample free car parking.

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